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The Hot Rod Power Tour – Day 1
The Hot Rod Power Tour – Day 1

The Hot Rod Power Tour – Day 1

It begins! The 2015 Hot Rod Power Tour kicked off in Madison today, with plenty of cars to see, vendors to get free stuff from, and even an autocross.

Lining the Benz up for autocross!

You’re probably looking at that picture thinking “He’s crazy, but taking the Benz through an autocross course? That’s insane!” You’d be right, it probably wasn’t the most sound decision I’ve made. I took the Benz out for an autocross run.
It actually did alright, though you’ll see plenty of body roll in the video. Could have something to do with the amateur behind the wheel as well.

C7 Corvette is my follow up, wih I could have taken that out...

The guy behind me had a C7 Corvette, and there was an assortment of other odd and awesome cars lining up for the autocross.

Sam lining up in his 64 Galaxie for the autocross.
The Agent Orange car showed up for autocross.
An older Beetle and Monza show up for the autocross.
Racing Porsche.

At the end of my first run, I pulled up to get my time ticket and found that the timer didn’t trip or got confused. So of course I had to take a second run. Gotta get that ticket. The guy with the C7 showed up to haunt my rear view once more.

C7 in my rear view again
Lining up for another crack at the autocross course.
My second autocross run slip, clocked a 32.274

I’m not sure what my time was for my first run, but my second run resulted in a 32.274. Dad got a 29 something in his 70 Chevelle, and Sam got something a bit slower than my time in his 64 Galaxie. He also lost two hubcaps, it’s as great as it sounds. I heard the best time was something near 20 seconds, which is insane. I considered making another run, but my temp gauge was starting to climb a bit and the line was much longer after my second run. Plus, I kind of need this car to make it across the US and back. If you have any interest in taking a car for a short test of handling and balance, I can’t recommend an autocross enough. Find one, and go lose some hubcaps! Below is a demonstration of how to do so.

Bonus! At the end of the day, I got to park next to a Miata. I want a Miata.

I want a Miata, like, badly.

All said and done, it was a busy and crazy day, we all got sunburned, and we all had loads of fun. Tomorrow we leave for Illinois, where we get treated to a drive-in theater and some other goodies. If I get time, there’ll be another update then!


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