About Justin Marwitz

Welcome! Whether by mistake or design, you’ve landed on my humble little website. Lucky you! I am the sole owner of this ever-expanding collection of odd thoughts, and I do hope you enjoy your time here.  As the web address surely informed you, my name is Justin Marwitz.

Who is Justin Marwitz? Well, me, for starters. I’m essentially a computer geek that happens to enjoy a wide variety of activities. You’ll find me programming, working on computers, breaking fixing cars, gaming, reading, and listening to a variety of music. Sometimes all at once.

That last bit might be a stretch, but I do enjoy all of that and more. Take a look around, I try to keep up with what I’m working on, be that cars computers or what have you. If you want to get a hold of me, send smoke signals, or head over to the contact page and send me some good-ole electronic mail.

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